MY INVOLVEMENT . . . As examples of our city administration and city council not doing their jobs, and in no particular order of priority, for they are all important.

Why has the mayor claimed that a new police station is her highlight accomplishment during the past two years when in fact no public forums or city council or police patrolmen involvement has ever been entertained for this endeavor? (All she has accomplished is to have allowed more rats to move into the Medford Police Station and not the two legged ones)

Why isn't there NOT a city street recovery program in place?

Why did the mayor say that seniors could park for free during her 2015 mayoral debate but then after the election charge them $25 per year to park?. How is that for free? (wow, here came Custer’s charge) What is it about free that this mayor doesn’t understand! (Say anything during a campaign to get a vote) It can be argued that Medford seniors are helping to subsidize the mayor’s anti-business, city, pay to park program. The council was silent on this senior $25 fee to park for free. Why?

Why hasn’t there been a city council, mayor, fire and police department review for new equipment and personnel so as to co-ordinate with the police and fire departments for a public safety master plan … something never before entertained?

Why has the city council not been able to hold the mayor accountable on major financial matters?

Why does the city council show disrespect to citizens who come and address the council?

Why is the mayor using non-union workers to re-furbish City Hall when the mayor campaigned on using union help while accepting hundreds of thousands of campaign dollars from multiple unions?

Why did the city administration hire a private, professional architect and a private, professional, project manager as consultants to help assist library personnel to secure a $12 million dollar construction grant from the Mass Public Library Commissioners. This was part of the city's $20 million plus projected cost to modernize the Medford Public library while our need for a new police station stays infested with rats, mold, asbestos, broken windows, no female locker rooms, no police shooting range etc.? With an $8 million dollar Medford taxpayer cost to pick up the final, construction difference, one can rightfully ask why didn’t the Mayor and City Council seek out professional, consultants to secure funding for a new police station? A new police station along with a fire station review has been a necessary public safety issue for the past ten years. It has become increasingly evident that the mayor’s administration looks upon our men and women in blue with a second class priority.

With only 5 Highway Department DPW employees working at the new $14.4 million Department of Public Work’s building, why is not a re-evaluation to the DPW department in order?

Since the mayor had a year-end transfer surplus of $100,000 from this year’s Office of Community Development personnel salary account, why did she not hire a professional grant/endowment consultant that could have helped to secure funds for a new police station as she did for the library? This mayor, by her in-actions, proves to be all talk with smoke and mirrors as background, especially since she has publically acclaimed that a new police station has been her biggest accomplishment. She has certainly put the word “joke” into her position as being mayor.

Why does the city administration every year transfer to free cash about $1,000,000 from the city’s year end budget demonstrating a budget not accurately presented initially?